AC Arc Welder "MOD-SERIES" can be utilized for all tyoes of manual welding operation on steel structures, bridges, ship building procedure and so on.

The output welding current can be adjusted stepless by sliding moving core along the guide rail, and give you the smoothest output current to assure the best welds.

The Output terminal is protected by the lower base cover for high safety operation. The air-cooled tranformer and class-F insulation strengthen the durablility and quality of the machine.




Specification Value
Input Voltage (V) 220
Input Power (kW/kVA) 13/24.5
Current Range (A) 45-300
Duty Cycle (%) 40
No-Load Voltage (V) 80
Electrode Dai.for Whole Day Welding (mm) 4.0
Electrode Diameter (mm) 2.0-6.0
Dimension (W x D x H) (Cm) 42x65x73
Weight (Kg) 120