PM-350 WF200i

PM-350 WF200i

      "PM-Series" power source is designed for MIG/MAG welding on mild steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials.

      The output characteristics are at constant voltage with stepped adjustment. Digital stepless electronic speed control is added for easy adjustment. Features as 2/4 times, spot and interval welding as well as pre-and post-gas flow, soft start, burnback help the operator in obtaining the best paramenters.The real-time digital volt-amp meter is installed as a standard.

      Easily connect the output terminals by using twist-lock female and male connectors with inductance outlets for optimized performance. Easy displacement with wheel.

      The forced-air cooling system by fan, overload protection and special internal insulation features add to the durability of this machine.






Specification Value
Input Voltage (V) 380/3
Input Power (kW/kVA) 14.5
Current Range (A) 35-350
Duty Cycle (%) 60
No-Load Voltage (V) 15.5-43
Adjustment Range 3x10
Wire Size (mm) MS/SS 0.6-1.6 AL 0.8-1.6
Dimension (W x D x H) (Cm) 50x57x72(123)
Weight (Kg) 104(122)
Standard Accessories MK-353-35